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@shawna our was fine too until five years old Fanconi developed.. I’m heartbroken my dog died today after three years of extensive medical bills and care..

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Yes we know this breeder we bought dogs from her the first still alive at 12 years old.. but our black and white basenji died today from Fanconi.. hopefully no one else has to go through the pain and suffer that we went during the last three years.. Our dog died today at eight years old we are heartbroken please contact me if you need more info to verify I’m telling the sad true..

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It is normal for Fanconi dogs to have anemia??

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@tanza I did the Dna test when she developed the symptoms at five year old I can’t recall the name Of the company, but I can look at the paperwork if you wish me to ?? I was notified that she was born with the Fanconi.. I never checked her before because we trusted the breeder we bought two dogs prior to this one and they were ok and the most sad part I never heard from her when I contacted Tammie about my sick dog.. we still heartbroken about it.. it is very tough and overwelm to rake care of a Fanconi dog..

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