Welcome to the family Zulu!!0_1615931233942_52E05E13-E58F-4965-A577-3814CC4DEC26.jpeg

Wow! Super cute! Congratulations!🐾🥰

Thanks for sharing Zulu!!!! What a gorgeous puppy! And I see there is an equally gorgeous sibling!!!!

Need more shots! This one is dark.

@chenke Zulu looks like a little prince. Very cute. And, I absolutely love his name. Tells us about hi Tri pal too! Who is that?

Thank you, he sure is! His new sister is Teki, our 2 y/o trindle. She came home to us when she was 7 months. She’s still getting used to Zulu and sharing her toys, our bed and huparents but doing well with him being that he’s only been home for 6 days

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