• Thank you all for the great advice. Charlie’s crate is right next to our bed and that definitely helped the past few nights. He does wake up every 2-3 hours (last night it was 6 hours 🎉), but our biggest challenge now is separation. He wants someone playing with him the entire time he is awake which is ok now, but afraid that will just create issues later.

  • @macattack said in New Basenji owner from Texas!:

    He does wake up every 2-3 hours (last night it was 6 hours 🎉), but our biggest challenge now is separation. He wants someone playing with him the entire time he is awake which is ok now, but afraid that will just create issues later.

    At nine weeks I'd expect he'd be wanting to play 20 hours a day. LOL If he was with his litter they'd be going at it pretty constantly. Don't worry about later. This is totally natural and he will just grow out of it ... but it's going to take a couple of months at least. FWIW cardboard boxes make the best toys. They're cheap, always available, fun for the pup to explore with, and make great chew toys.

    Wouldn't surprise me if he started sleeping for six hours more consistently. But he will no doubt get up if you do, no matter how quiet you try to be! Enjoy the chaos. It doesn't last all that long.

    Please do take the time and register him at Zande's database. It's a fantastic resource. Plus you have this oh-so-cute pic.

  • My adult 8 year female still like to play with and destroy the cardboard paper towel roles. She throws it around and then likes to shred it. Whee in Texas? I am in Killeen and love to find another Basenji owner close where we could meet occassionly and let our Basenjis play.

  • @macattack said in New Basenji owner from Texas!:

    His Dad is Mojo Mean Bean and Mom is Freeman’s Reddy To Go

    Dad (possibly Mojo Dean Bean ?) has tested clear/normal for Fanconi. Mom doesn't appear to have been tested at all. So maybe you should get Charlie checked by OFA ?

    Do be sure to let me know his registered name and date of birth so I can add him to the database. Such a handsome young man !

  • Please go to www.basenji.org and read about health concerns and how to get the DNA test for Fanconi and PRA. Both are cheek swabs that you order and do yourself. Typically this is done by the breeder on the sire and dam before breeding as both of these are late onset affilications.

  • @macattack - As I am sure that it has been said, but anything within reach "belongs to the Basenji or any puppy of any breed for that matter"... they do not know or will never know what might belong to you and not them. And anything with your scent on it will bring a puppy to it...period. If important to you, put out of reach... including things like wires, glasses, TV remote, etc. While with age they will "sometimes" grow out of it... but I can tell you that I have lost many pairs of glasses as the ear pieces with your scent is a total goner... or things like your underwear, socks, shoes.... and many more. For example if you put within reach two bones, one is for the pup and one is for you... how would you expect the puppy to know what is theirs and what is yours?

  • @tanza

    Oh definitely! We have an 8 year old dog (mixed breed rescue who has been a joy) and after my daughter lost a brand new pair of shoes to her, we learned our lesson that anything is fair game. She grew out of it, but I can already see a stubborn streak in Charlie so only time will tell. For now, we have Charlie-proofed spaces (though he makes us aware when we missed puppy proofing).

  • @wallch

    Just handed him a paper roll...loving it! 🎉

  • Oh that FACE!!!! You and Charlie are going to have SO much fun together! He is going to make you laugh, love, and have more patience than you ever thought you could...because you and he will just adore each other so completely! Separation concerns are normal right now...remember he was just with a constant passel of other Basenjis to sleep on and play with. Now he has only you guys. You are his pack, so he wants to be with you. He will settle down a little once he knows you will always come back to him (even if you go ALL THE WAY to the bathroom without him!!!!)

  • @zande

    Thanks for that I will look into getting Charlie tested, and yes I mispelled his Dads name it is MOJO DEAN BEAN.

    As for Charlie, we just finished the registration process and his name is...

    Charles X Goes to Eleven

  • @macattack oh I like that. Two movie references in that name. 😄

  • @macattack

    Thanks for that - I went to the AKC website and got his reg# and birthday AND one other brother. All that is registered from that litter.

    I added them both to the database this morning and they will appear later today when I re-upload it all. You can have hours of fun, exploring Charlie's ancestry !

    Maybe we'll find others later -

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