I noticed that doodle's nose has faded in the center, which I found to be rather odd. I live in the south, and we've been having a mild winter (it's in the 70's 82°! today), so it's not like it's really cold for month's on end. If it is "snownose", or "winter nose", it should go away when the temps warm up...


Have you ever noticed this on your B?
Is this something that happens after a certain age?
Are there any other "conditions" that would cause this?

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?? Seems like lots of breeds have the faded out noses

I've known it in winter months - darkens up again as soon as Spring lightens daylight hours.

Do you use plastic bowls for food and water? For some reason, plastic bowls can have this effect.

@pawla No, no plastic. I read that Vets really don't know what causes it. I'm curious if it has anything to do with mating season, but only curious. I was more concerned that it was an indication of a vitamin deficiency.... if so, Vit D comes to mind as we all tend to spend more time indoors in the winter... I thought it was odd. Along with pink toes. We haven't had any snow (so no chance of chemicals for ice) and, like I said, not really any severe temps this year. ...?

@elbrant - It happens with age in the winter.... snow nose really relates to the white over the nose, it would be called winter nose... most all will get this with age. The older they get the more you will see this and with age many times it will not go away.... nothing to worry about however

@tanza said in SnowNose?:

the white over the nose

I cannot picture what you mean... what white over the nose?

@elbrant The white around her nose with no connection to a blaze on the face. Gives them a look of having just stuck their nose in snow

@tanza ok, thank you... I thought snow nose and winter nose were interchangeable in meaning.

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