Is Mango a Besenji?

Wrinkles and colour pattern and partly curled tail add to the picture. Will be interesting to find out for sure!

@jengosmonkey well she definitely barks when she hears people outside. She also whines and squeaks. Playing with her has been interesting because she seems interested in far more exercise than was recommended for a chihuahua. Sometimes it feels like I am training a future assassin...

Those eyes! They tell stories just like my little guy. No idea what you have, but you have a winner!

I don't see any Basenji, I just see a cute, loveable rogue!

@elbrant - Would not think so? (Portuguese Podengo Pequeno). Seems to be a Chihuahua mix to me.

@tanza said in Is Mango a Besenji?:

Seems to be a Chihuahua mix to me.

Chihuahua mix was my initial thought, but the sturdy, albeit short, legs made me think this might me the pint size version of a Podengo. Just a stab in the dark. We all accept that it takes a DNA test to be certain.

No way is that a Podengo ! (IMNSHO !)

Mango is SO adorable!!!! Please let us know what her mix turns out to be! We like "honorary Basenjis" too!!!! She looks like one who will her family lots of love and play and fun and some mischief thrown in!!!!

@zande said in Is Mango a Besenji?:

No way is that a Podengo ! (IMNSHO !)

You can't see this little one ending up looking like the pups in this photo? I think it's probable.... but we know a DNA test will tell for sure.

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