Black Basenji Breeders UK

Hello All!

We are looking for a Basenji breeder based in the UK ( we are based in the South East)

We would like to find a reputable Basenji breeder in the hope of getting a black and white puppy.

Appreciate they seem quite rare.

There is a someone in Middlesbrough who breeds black and white Basenji. He has not bred this year though. Someone who owns a sibling of my 8 month old puppy also has an older black and white puppy from him.

Whereabouts in the South East are you? I am in Medway.

You are far too late for puppies in UK this year - all are about to leave the nest or have already been rehomed. If you email me privately I will send you a list of breed club secretaries and you can explore and maybe get onto a waiting list for some year in the future.

Lists for next winter are already filling up, demand is far outstripping possible supply.

Black basenjis are the best.good luck with your search.

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