Which dog fits me best?

I always asking somebody which dogs fits me best while showing dog breeds picture and finally just last week we choose Basenji . An aloof, very affectionate dog, the basenji can be fiercely protective of their families that's why we choose him and we give him name Benji, I am sure that Benji will protect and love us as we love him too.

By the way what collar color can you suggest for my Benji?
your help is appreciated thanks!

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@bevvie - You should align yourself with a responsible breeder and they will mentor you. They will also advise you if this is the right breed of dog for you and your family/lifestyle. Go to www.basenji.org which is the US National breed club for Basenjis and there is much information about basenjis that will help in your search and learning about them

Hi @bevvie, and welcome aboard! You have already selected a name for your dog, Benji, so that means you have Benji living with you now? If yes, congratulations! I hope you'll post a picture for us so we can meet him.

Collar color is such a personal choice. I usually let the dog's story help me choose the color. The story can be it's sex, breeding, personality, etc. Is it possible that mean "What kind of collar?"

There is no other dog like a Basenji. Nearly every breed from poodles to pit bulls have retained approximately 8% of wolf genetics. Being an “Ancient” and the “daddy” of most Of today’s domesticated breeds, the Basenji retains approximately 24% of the Wolves genetics. A recent study also determined that of all breeds the Basenji has one of the largest “play drives” (You will find this out quickly) which was key and essential to the domestication of all dogs. The Basenji is truly unique genetically and in in temperament. This dog responds quickly to kindness and a soft touch, NOT yelling and physicality. YOU WILL NOT WIN A BATTLE OF WILLS. Adapt & overcome. LOL, This info will come in handy for the next couple of years. Congratulations, amazing animals.

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