Updated List of Reputable Basenji Breeders in Texas (as of 2020)

  • My family and I are based out of Austin, Texas and are in search of an updated list (as of 2020) of reputable Basenji Breeders in Texas. There is a small list of Texas-based breeders listed on the BCoA website, but these breeders' websites/Facebook pages have largely not been updated for a while. We're not even sure if they are still in business. We are interested in getting on a waitlist for a puppy/litter in the next year or two. Any leads in Texas will be greatly appreciated!

  • Seems to be the problem with Colorado breeders too, and everything in my region...

    Need more resources nationwide IMO. I've had my eye open in Wyoming for years but all dogs are a 1000 mile journey to prove my worth to get.

  • I would suggest that you call instead of email. And many breeders do not keep their website current (sorry to say) but you can usually reach out to them on FB. Keep in mind that the breeder listing on BCOA, members pay to be listed, so many do not do so. However if you call the ones listed, they can tell you about other breeders in the area. Also try contacting Breeder Liaison link https://basenji.org/index.php/about-basenjis/breeder-directory for her email contact. Denise can also give you contact information about breeders

  • If you go on akc puppy finder there is a lot of breeders there. Most are companion puppys

  • There are quite a few reputable breeders in TX, but unlike, say, Washington State with the Evergreen Basenji Club, there is no such list—not even an out-of-date one. The best thing to do would be to the join the Dallas-Fort Worth Texas Basenji Club (which really serves all of TX) on Facebook. Join, but don’t post for a little while. If you can wait two weeks to post your “interested in a basenji puppy; anyone know of breeders taking reservations for next year’s litters?” all the better.

    Make sure you post your question like that, too. Posting “Where can I get a basenji puppy?” comes off as demanding. Asking about breeders taking future reservations / getting on a wait list means that you’re familiar with the process and not ready to settle for whatever backyard breeder you can scrounge up. Basenji people know that this breed requires a particular sort of person, and if you don’t demonstrate that you could be that sort of person, they will sometimes clam up.

    All of that being said, when we moved to Dallas with one B and wanted to get another, I first managed to find Pat Marshall, who wasn’t planning a litter that year and then referred me to Signet Kennels (Brenda Cassell), who was. We started the process in October or November, got lucky as she was co-breeding like three litters that year, and brought home our new puppy in April. Linda Stilwell, who admins the Facebook group, and especially Pat Marshall (about an hour NW from Houston) both seem to be really plugged into the B breeding community and knowing who is planning litters where. I found their email/phone numbers by Googling, but you could probably message them on FB if you prefer.

    A couple of final recommendations: there is a huge dog show this coming F, Sat, & Sun in Dallas. There are usually 10+ Bs and at least a few breeders. No idea what your situation is or if you’d even want to come to Dallas, but a dog show can be a really great environment to get to know the breed. Also, the FB group has lots of good breed information that is very worth reading.

    Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions, and good luck in your search for the perfect pup!

  • @sakuhn62 said in Updated List of Reputable Basenji Breeders in Texas (as of 2020):

    If you go on akc puppy finder there is a lot of breeders there. Most are companion puppys

    Keep in mind that the listings on AKC are not always responsible breeders as there is no requirement to be listed other than to pay the fee unlike Basenji Club of America as it is for members of the National Basenji Club only

  • @zannah - The entry for Basenjis for these shows is Friday 4 Basenjis showing in ring #14 at 10am, Saturday 5 Basenjis in ring 4 at 9am and Sunday 5 Basenjis in ring 5. I don't know about Texas, but in many states, masks are required and many have limited people to attend. Also, once the judging is over for a breed, they exit the show area, they are not there all day.

  • @io-montecillo

    I'm in Austin as well. I've just started researching. I'd be interested if you had any luck. 🙂

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