Seeking a Basenji in Texas

Best suggestion is be patient. People waiting for breeder puppies wait a year or more. You can wait for a local, or decide 13 hr trip beats waiting. I just hope something comes through quickly for you.

There is a woman who breeds basenjis in Johnson City near Fredricksburg! You may have some luck contacting her.. I cant remember her name at the moment but you may be able to find her if you google johnson city tx basenjis. It would be a little drive for you but not too terrible and the drive is also beautiful so at least you would get a little adventure from it. 🙂

@pearlypoo said in Seeking a Basenji in Texas:

breeds basenjis in Johnson City near Fredricksburg

There are only 4 BCOA members in texas. I'd be concerned about other breeders. Do you know if it is one of these?

Basenji Breeders in Texas
1 Graves, Michael Mardi Gras Basejis in Leander, TX
2 Humphreys, CPDT, S Anne Dharian Basenjis in Wolfforth (near Lubbock) TX
3 Marshall, Pat Berimo in Jasper, TX
4 Reed, Bob & Terry Illusion in Montgomery, TX

Basenjis in the USA are typically born from October-January so it might be hard to find one this time of year.
I do see posts pop up on facebook from breeders with available retired show dogs but not everyday. Most quality breeders know each other to some extent and will happily refer puppy buyers to one another. The only breeder I personally know from TX is Signet Kennels. Brenda has very nice dogs and I have seen her post adults from time to time.

You will have to be patient! It's going to take time to find the right dog. I personally would find a breeder I like (good communication, healthy dogs, good reputation, etc) and get on their waiting list. My breeder has a waiting list for retired dogs as well as puppies so I'm sure others do as well.

@CrazySenji I didn't even notice Signet wasn't listed. Any idea why? However, on their facebook page, she does list a puppy for sale on co-ownership/show contract.

@DebraDownSouth - Brenda was not a BCOA member until recently. She just rejoined (Signet Basenjis), but she is a responsible breeder. She is in Fort Worth. You can find her on Facebook also

Oh, I KNOW Signet, and I have never heard anything but good about Brenda. I was just wondering why she wasn't a BCOA member or listed for Texas. And yes, reread my post... I said she has a pup listed on her facebook page as available. It's darling, but it is for showing, which I don't think the OP is looking for.

Speaking of adults.. does anyone know if Robyn still has any other adults? I know Texas to GA isn't a short drive, but it's not horrible.

@Steph_a_Mod ... check out Sherwood Basenji's page:

Michael Graves gave me a more inclusive list of breeders in Texas. Looks like the BCOA website might need to be updated. His list seems to capture the same people yall are recommending.

I spoke to Anne and she has a few adults, but likely not a good match. She is 8 hours away too, so going to try and see what is available closer.

Planning to reach out to your suggestions and his list this weekend. Thank you all!

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