Rabies Vaccine reaction

Hello Basenji Form,
My 4 year old got his 3 year rabies vaccine and developed a scab at the place of the injection that will not heal. Has anyone seen or experience that? He also had some swelling below the injection site. He seems normal and is eating fine but it's quite unusual this is our 5th basenji and none of the others had a reaction. I have a vet appointment Sunday but just curious if anyone has experience this. Thank you! ariadne scott

Has the vet commented on this reaction? I’m curious to know what the vet said.

My boy had a reaction 2 months after his 3 year rabies at the same age. It was a almost fist size scabby area on his back a bit to the side of where he got the shot. The vet called it a hot spot and prescribed Quadritop Ointment. This cleared it up pretty quickly and his hair grew back where it had fallen out. At his most recent shot in August this year I was given a homeopathic medicine to give to him for five days after the shot and so far no reaction.

Can't help with that particular medication - this is a rabies free country - but after any injection my vet recommends rubbing the spot well to disperse fluids and prevent lumps forming.

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