Seeking male basenji adult or puppy in NorCal

I am looking for male basenji who would be a good companion for my adult basenji. I have already checked BRAT, breeders and rescue options. I know competition is fierce but am a very experienced and compassionate basenji dad eager to add a boy to our family.

@gregg-biggs - You might check with rescue in So. California, if you have not. You might also try breeders in the Pacific Northwest to see if they have an adult they might want to place. You should try Kathy Britton, she is in Portland area. You can find her contact information at that you can search by state.

Medfly is slowing down now. I speak with Karen and Chuck fairly frequently. They’ve become like extended family to us. Basenjis in need of rescue near them have become extremely rare.

It’s a drive, but also keep your eye on Colorado Basenji Rescue.

EDIT: I just spoke with Karen at Medfy aka and they have retired from rescue. They're getting older, they're faced with issues of getting older, and the work has become too much. She's asked me to pass that on to all of you here.

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Thanks for the responses. I had already talked to Karen too. I am aware of the Colorado group but haven’t reached out to them yet.

@jengosmonkey - thanks for the update... they for years and years did a great job helping rescue Basenjis

Thanks for the contact for Kathy in Portland. She is fantastic and very responsive.

@gregg-biggs - Happy for you, hope that it works out

Colorado Basenji Rescue has a black & white male almost ready for adoption. His name is Ranger but, from the description, he appears to need to be an only child.

@senjisilly Thanks. Unfortunately, it looks like he needs to be the only dog in the household.

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