Sandy Hovis

Sandy Hovis, from SW Fl, USA.
My B-Boy Thor is a black and white male, born right here in Florida.
He was born 12-5-2017.

We call him Prince Thor of Flordon

But who are his parents - so I can be sure to include him in the on-line Basenji data-base ?

@zande let me send you what I have.
By email

Yes please ! The database now has in excess of 100500 pedigrees, many of those born in the last ten years with health test results.

So many puppy farm puppies are not tested and come from untested parents. It has to be sensible to check so at least if you have your Basenji in the database, you can look at the pedigree and ancestors.

Call me a cynic, but I really worry when people can't tell me the parentage of their pups.

It could be that they have been to the database and found that all is well. But it could also be that they don't know and haven't been given adequate information - remember the two pups discussed recently ? Of those litters, at least 2 puppies are already dead and many more on special diet and medication for life.

Thank you !

Did you get the email.... I have trouble posting pictures....and wasn’t sure what you needed?
This breed was brand new to us, we didn’t get a lot of solid info....Our breeder had a great reputation in the past.

@sandy-hovis .Nothing yet. But I will look in SPAM later when I am at my computer

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