• We are another family looking for a female Basenji to fill a huge void in our lives. We've owned (or been owned by) 7 Basenjis in our married life. We lost our last one in May last year and really miss having one to decorate the couch in the family room. We don't want a puppy- too much excitement. A R&W or a Tri female around 4-6 would be perfect. R&W preferred.

    We have a fenced yard, plenty of B coats and sweaters, and loads of chew toys. She would have a crate that opens to a doggie door to the back yard. Plenty of squirrels out there.

    We love the breed and would have no other. We know how stubborn they can be but put up with that to have a B in our house. We know about BRaT and the club in the DFW area.

    Thanks. Gretchen & Dennis Williams in Harker Heights Texas

  • I do know of a Basenji boy and a mix bred female in California that the owner needs to place due to having cancer and can't care from them... they are in No. California, not sure about transportation however. But she really wants them to be place together

  • Banned

    Hi Gretchen. CBR in Colorado does have a pair of R&W seven year-old siblings: Cairo and Cleo. However, they would have to be adopted together. Here is their website: http://www.coloradobasenjirescue.org/adoptable.shtml. However, CBR is not moving doggies right now due to the COVID -19 issue. I am looking for a male puppy or very young male right now. Just not happening. Looks like patience is key right now :0)

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