Pups from Amera

I didn't assume it was Giardia. He tested positive for it. Susan told me other pups in the litter and one other litter tested positive so I had him tested for it. Some days were worse than others, there was loss of appetite, vomit, diarreah and lethargy. He's beating it now on the fourth week and second course of medicine since I've had him. He is eating more now and showing some personality.

Jerome I believe I have the other dog. If you want to talk I will give you my number. I don’t think there s a private message hear so email me personally with contact and I’ll call u. Had 3 brutal weeks with my pup but getting better.
Email. [private email]

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@lisalindsley1 - Sorry for your problems with your pup... as I understand she might have bred more than one litter. If you go to http://www.pedigrees.zandebasenjis.com/ and put in the name Kane, is this the same sire and dam of the pup that you have? You can contact me directly by accessing my website for my email since chats are not private...

As I understand it she has bred more than one litter... and I would guess that all the pups from those litters might have the same problem?

I believe she had 5 litters, one of them producing only one pup. I have no idea how many pups in total.

I understand that Jerome has been banned from this list? Seriously? Are you going to ban me also? This pup has been placed from a breeder that is not responsible? I think that this needs to be put to Alex the forum owner as this is a real problem... and should be noted to other breeders that are not responsible breeding? Alex? Really? There are now two that are from this list that have pups from this breeder, one that has now been PTS and one that is now trying to recover... and you would ban them? I have been on this list for more many years that I can remember... this is NOT acceptable.

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Jerome has been banned from this list?

I have already stated that I will not discuss other members publically. This is not what you think and it does not concern you. Any other questions should be directed via chat.

Excuse me... it does... and it does concern me... this is a breeding that is related to my Basenjis and my breeding... so since you are not a breeder you need to respect responsible breeders for Basenjis. I take great exception to you and I know more about this breeding than you know. So it does concern me

@jerome_inya_home - Welcome back Jerome!

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