Hello from Oregon

Zaki and I just wanted to pop over and say hello from beautiful Oregon. Looking forward to reading all your combined experience and begin the learning process. Zaki is 12 weeks and this is a very new experience for me, having not had a dog since I lived at home with my folks.

Zaki is a brindle and we found him from a breeder near the Portland area and are most happy with the experience so far. We (the breeder and I) are thinking of showing him since she has several champions so I am looking forward to that as well.

Anyway, Danke to all.

Welcome to the board. Pictures would be nice! 🙂

Hello back from NY! I too would like to see a pic of Zaki, we are in the process of preparing for a puppy and we're not sure what color or sex we want. I'd love to see a brindle.

Welcome to you both. P

Did you get him from Khani Basenjis or Bantu Basenjis?

@tanza From Tailwinds Basenji's she was the only one who had a puppy this late in the season. The person who was going to take him changed their minds at the last minute.

He is beautiful!!! You are going to have so much fun with him! Congratulations!

@slents - Great to hear.... a very good breeder!

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