• This is Woody, she is a rescue, and was rescued from the meat markets in China. She is a mix of Basenji and Shiba Inu

  • Not likely basenji, I don't think there are many basenjis in China.
    Not likely Shiba either, it's just a street dog.

  • @rocky1 She does look more of the Shiba Inu, I do have her papers from China and her passport, thanks for your input. and welcoming me to the group
    0_1582846526927_20200227_182846 - Edited.jpg

  • SHe is SO pretty!

  • Welcome group. I laugh about dogs being ruled out because the poster says not common there. We've been told our Samoyed must not be one, or certainly not a purebred because they aren't common here. But identifying by looks also gets some comical results. A dna isn't major proof, but it helps to get an idea of not only behavior, but also health issues.

  • What a beautiful dog. There are free apps that use photos of dogs to analyze dog breeds. It’s not the same of course as doing a DNA test. I really like Dog Scanner and Gozer. Your dog may be part Norrbottenspet. Like my rescue dog, it’s definitely a wonderful mix.

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