• We are in need of a new couch. Our 6 year old basenji loves to scuff the throw pillows and make a nest. The new couch we really want is a leather couch no throw pillows. Has any other basenji owner had any luck training their 4 legged love to not scuff or dig on a couch? Or do you own a leather couch and a basenji successfully without the couch being ruined. Yes we would also put a couch cover on it. Thanks

  • Does the scuffing occur when you are home or when you are absent? You can certainly insist that they not do it when you are there, but pretty hard to prevent when you aren't. A "scat mat" would likely do the job if you want to keep your couch intact, but that would be denying the comfort of the couch in your absence and depending on your dog there could be repercussions. 😉

  • We have always had leather couches and chairs... we put a throw on it as Basenjis like to nest...

  • @newbsnjbby All three of mine liked to “burrow” into the couch lol. Some are worse than others. My current boy will deliberately do this when he wants something or is annoyed with me. I have always figured it was an instinctual thing.

  • We have a leather sofa, but... doodle isn't allowed on it unless she's invited. Believe it or not, she follows the rule and will sit in front of the sofa and wait for you to pat the cushion and say, "up". I don't know how this works, it just does. She has her very own club chair with an ottoman (she doesn't like it when I borrow the ottoman) and I have a bed pillow on it in a feeble attempt to keep the upholstery in good shape. She also has a huge (3x2 1/2 foot) dog bed tucked into a corner behind that. The girl has it made!

    Of course, the daily 3+ mile walks and beef neck bones help her deal with any angst. I guess my best suggestion is to exercise her to the point of exhaustion(?). 😉

  • She she definitely nests on the couch when we aren’t home. We have a very open floor plan so we can’t “lock her out”...

  • @elbrant
    That is awesome...great rule followe = perfectly spoiled🥰

  • My first Basenji wasn't officially allowed on furniture......I was living in my parents' house, their rules.....and she had her own bed in my room. But if I was out and my parents locked her into my room when they went to bed, I would find a warm spot on my bed when I returned, and often heard her feet hit the floor when I came into the house. She knew the rules, and she obeyed them whenever someone was around.

    My last Basenji didn't spend much time digging on furniture, but would manage to get under any blankets or throws left on it. I find they usually like a cover, and will endeavor to obtain one, which may be what the digging or scuffing is about....

  • Mine just started doing it as my foster does it. When I am not around, I have a blanket on the couch some pillows and throw blankets. Saves my pleather sofa.

  • I don't have a leather couch - I have four large leather armchairs. Dogs over the years have always curled up in them (often disputing ownership with me !). Blankets which can easily be whipped off when we have visitors, keep muddy paws at bay.

    But I am bigger then they are and its MY house. I do not, and never have, tolerated distructiveness and my Basenjis know and learn to respect that !

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