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Yes, we know it's attention seeking behavior. One or both of us is always present when it happens. We play with him, offer other toys, cuddle, go for walks, play ball, get him to play with his sister, whatever we can
He just keeps going back to ripping the couches.

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He was used as a stud. Lived mainly outdoors. We have wondered if this may be bc he never really had the opportunity to be a puppy?

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We recently adopted Ragnar, an adorable 4 yr old Tricolor and brought him home to live a life on luxury with his half sister, who has been with my boyfriend since she was a puppy.

Ragnar is adjusting well, except for one thing....he's destroying the furniture! He's fine during the day when he is on his own, but when we get home at night, he goes crazy. He's chewed the corners of the coffee table and started attacking the couch, too.

We scold him, distract him, give him chew toys and treats. We've covered the couch. Nothing helps. Tonight he actually ruined the recliner by pulling a huge piece of stuffing out and its no repairable. No point in replacing the couch of he is just going to do it again.

Any thoughts on how to alter this behavior??

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