Dudley the unknown breed :)

Hello all,

This is Dudley :). He’s a Romanian rescue. We’ve had him for a few weeks now and he’s adorable.
We are really interested in getting your opinion on wether he has Basenji in him......we’re sure he is a cross but have no history.....your expert eyes and knowledge would be really appreciated.

Thanks 🙏


Very Cute, but I don't see any Basenji. I would say some kind of Terrier mix. Many breeds have a curl in their tails, especially the Nordic breeds

I agree with @tanza, everthing from his body shape/dimensions, face, fur, markings... nothing matches for a Basenji. But the face and fur suggests some 'Terrier'. The legs are throwing me off... I generally think of Terriers' as having shorter legs. My! He has long legs! I bet he can run pretty darn fast!!

I'm glad to know you adopted him. And I love the smile on his face! What a happy little fellow!

You could do a DNA test to get some ideas. I don't see Basenji, but I've seen mixes that the bitch is known to be one breed and the pups don't look like they could be related to her. Your dog looks like a small Lurcher, but that's probably the terrier I'm connecting with. Whatever, that's one happy dog. 🙂

I don’t see Basenji but she sure is CUTE!

A lovely dog - but no signs of Basenji to my eye !

Thank you all for your comments. I’m definitely going to look into a DNA test. We really wanted to give Dudley a loving home as at only one he’d been through so much hardship, so to see your comments on his smile and happiness has made us so happy to 🙂 x

Dudley is a beauty! And what a gorgeous face.If people ask, I would say that he comes from the proud breed line of "rescued"!!!!

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