Recalls/Ol Roy taken off the market (finally) Crappy food IMO

Will you judge me harshly if I say the poison in it is probably better than the dog food ?

Nearly every dog food gets some contamination ... in fact I worry about those that have never had a recall . You have a million steps and a million people working on the production line and things just happen . But when you start with something that is garbage to begin with ...anyway I'm with you, glad they're taking it off the market . Sadly I doubt they will completely with draw it.

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Good grief! Why would someone still be feeding their dogs this crap!?

The problem is that you can only sue for the price of livestock / treatment. Thus no lawyer will bother as it’s just not worth it to them. Change the law to make damages for emotional distress possible and bingo, dog food wouldn’t have this problem.

Somehow, this makes me glad I feed 'doodle' human-grade food. Tonight's dinner: shredded chicken breast, green beans and carrots, with a smidge of puree'd pumpkin. Spoiled, healthy, alive, (but most of all) loved.

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