Odd Noises Before Sleep

Hi, such cute stories and sounds these unusual guys & gals can make...all normal. I am curious what a "ring bone" is and what type it is and where to get them...my guy is 11 yrs old and doesn't take much to chewing or playing with anything.
Thank you!

She's probably telling you 'Good Night !' - nothing to worry about -

Thanks everyone. I wasn't worried just not a B noise I was familiar with and wondered if anyone else's pups made this noise. My first female B snored loud enough to wake the dead at four months but not this odd little noise. It's quite handy as I know exactly when she's down for sleep.

Heard her first barooo last Saturday welcoming us home from the Saturday market. And she experienced her first earthquake this morning. OY!

@zande That's what I've decided. 😘

Ring bone is nothing more than soup bone, not a knuckle. Leg bone with marrow in the center cut to about 2 inches long. When it has been chewed dry and empty, try smearing PB or cream cheese inside, not filling it up just a smear. Believe it or not they sell for about 4$ for six here in the Midwest. Oh well😏

You PAY for bones ? I guess my pack is lucky. Fresh bones from the butcher every Friday and absolutely beautiful teeth !

@joan-duszka I just picked up some of these the other day. Osso Bucco bones. Pressure cooked the meat off....Meat for us and bones for our two. I don't eat much meat but my husband and the dogs were happy.

Raw bones are best for dogs

Better safe than sorry. Raw bones are recommended something about cooking makes,them more brittle and splintery. However if you choose to give them to your dogs, just watch them closely and take them away when you hear crunching and scraping.

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