• Any advice with crate training for overnight. My b is 10 weeks and absolutely hates the crate. He wines for hours. I have lots of blankets and toys in there. Also it is covered. He seems to have separation anxiety. Thanks 0_1554008213875_CC5C2D90-A8A8-4F72-8E30-306B4F7620ED.jpeg

  • First Basenji's

    I 100% fully endorse SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy and can not say enough how wonderful it is for crate training a puppy. My basenji pup has slept through the night, every night since day 1 home with me. He only whines when he needs to go potty. I don’t allow him to play with it. He only gets it when he’s going to bed or when I’m at work. Best $32 Ive ever spent on puppy stuff.

  • I second the snuggle puppy🐾

  • I also use this exact puppy product since bringing him (11 week old pup) home. We used on our long ride home when we got him at 8 weeks of age. He sleeps right next to our bed and only uses at night.
    We used the phrase “head to bed” and toss one very small treat into the covered crate. He did whine a bit the first few nights but now he sleeps through the night. Wishing you success.

  • Why would you crate him at night ? Once he can go through the night, leave him with a bed he knows is his, in a place of your choosing. I have never crated a Basenji over night. They all sleep in a pile beside the Aga. (Kitchen range - always at least slightly warm).

  • Thank you all for the suggestions. I purchased the snuggle puppy and I’m happy to say he is doing much better. Every night seems to be a little better. As of right now he is chewing everything in sight. So we plan on crating him overnight until we know our furniture is safe.

  • @em4800 - Confused by this statement...... furniture safe? He should be in the same room that you sleep in be it in a crate or in the bed. Should not be in a separate room all alone. If in the same room as you and not in a crate, you know when he is up and around looking for something to chew on..... Of course if in the bed with you, chances of him not sleep through the night is slim to none. Also his crate snuggle mate should only be given to him at night and in the crate/sleep area

  • We have 2 B's and they sleep wherever they want: on the couch, in their own bed, or with me. Everyone is happy. Also: I wake up when something is up, need to pee, poop, vomit.

  • Exactly as it should be ! Happiness well deserved 😀

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