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I second the snuggle puppy🐾

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Our Togo had luxating patellas in both back knees. The day both knees went out at the same time my husband looked at me said said, "we have to have that repaired". The first knee was repaired and the wire broke 3days later. So, a second surgery was needed. While the knee stayed in place it was never exactly right. A year later we had the second knee repaired. This time with much better results. You absolutely have to restrict activity throughout the healing process. A later surgery was required on the first knee to remove a screw. Would I have this surgery done again? Absolutely. Togo was my "heart" dog🐾🐾🐾

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That sounds like Basenji behavior. She looks to have husky in her as well. I'm definitely no expert. I love her look.

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