reputable breeder?

@shawna - all good meaning they were DNA tested? Or that you are going to do it?

Anyone have any experience / knowledge with Hill View Besenji in Temecula CA?

@keri-pini Have a look on my Basenji pedigree database (link is in my signature block).

I just did. Couldn't find a single Hill View in it. This MIGHT mean they have never shown, so I won't have found them on show superintendent websites,. It might mean they have never actually bred a litter yet so have slipped under the radar totally. Even I am not infallible 😁

So I looked on the AKC website. Not a single Basenji Hill View there either.

I think you must draw your own conclusions !

@keri-pini New could also mean anything. People cashing in on short supply of puppies is something we are worried about in this country. New breeders with no experience.

@tanza is the best person to advise you but personally speaking, I'd prefer to go with a known reputable breeder of experience and integrity. Health tested dogs too !

I had a look at Hill View's website. Absolutely no information about their breeding, no sire or dam info, just that they had a litter of puppies in December. I suppose the options are you can email them or phone them, which might give some insight. Have your questions ready, i.e. sire and dam of litter, registration numbers, Fanconi status. What guarantees come with pups, how long have you been in Basenjis, are your dogs out there under another kennel name, etc.

@eeeefarm - Have never heard of this breeder and because they do not list sire/dam names (registered names) I would be concerned

@eeeefarm on the other hand, I wouldn't even pick up the phone. Too much cries out against even making contact

@zande said in reputable breeder?:

@eeeefarm on the other hand, I wouldn't even pick up the phone. Too much cries out against even making contact

Oh, I wouldn't either, but if a person wanted to find out more it would be the quickest way. Sometimes there is an explanation and things are not always what they seem on the surface. Benefit of the doubt and all that....

We purchased our basenji female from AllStarBasenjis from the 2019 litter as well. Our Cleo is amazing. Easily trained, loving, did great with puppy training classes is very healthy and Tammie has been nothing but helpful and caring through the whole
Process. Answers questions when asked and has provided documentation to me when asked in regards to testing etc. I would recommend them over and over again. If there ever comes a time for us to bring another basenji into our family I would absolutely go through her again.!

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