African Queen Sahara

![alt text](![0_1541469179909_F2B57FA5-A900-4529-B5BC-F0D72B35D0CD.jpeg]0_1541469211689_3AF3B5DA-F5D3-4783-9D9B-DD79AC89FC06.jpeg (Uploading 14%) image url)

A little tubby but such a beautiful face and wrinkles.

That's a very sweet face! Congrats to you and Sahara on her 13 birthdays.

Get her weight down, as you are doing her no favours by keeping her weight high. Diabetes and all its associated agonies are a strong possibility, as I found out.

She is a good looking girl, and seems to be contented to be the Queen of your household.

She truly IS a beautiful Queen. Hope her birthday was wonderful. She looks like a loved and treasured Basenji!!!

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