• Craigslist is NOT the place to buy a puppy. There is a probable scam happening on Craigslist right now regarding the sale of Basenji puppies. It is going on across the country, some ads have been removed, but new ones go up; currently there are ads in CA, CO, NM, OH, and FL. All ads have various titles, pictures, and reply-to email address, yet every reply I've gotten back is from: Suzan Lake <suzannlake@gmail.com and she sends the same group of 15 pictures.

    She is giving away the pups, but she wants you to send $$ for airflight for them from Philadelphia. I smell scam, and there can't possibly be that number of litters available right now!

  • @giza1 I have been after Craigslist for years to NOT SELL PETS OF ANY SPECIES. 'Puppy Doe' whose abuser is incarcerated in Massachusetts waiting for a Trial. From what I have read in various sources the FBI wants to treat the unimaginable torture that little Puppy suffered a Felony with lots and lots of Prison time with Time Served not counted. He bought her on Craigs List just to torture her. It should be one Category that Craig should get rid of. It is not like he needs the money. He should know that Animals occupy the same Ethical Sphere as do children. It is the duty of society to protect them. Yes, I have called the Cops when a woman was beating her child in a Grocery Cart. She was arrested and the child was given to his Father.

    Craiga List is the lowest of the low.

  • @giza1 that does sound like a scam but there are lots of actual dogs on Craigslist in need of a good home some people don’t want to place there dog in a shelter and hope to find someone who would give there a dog a good home. If someone is posting a dog on Craigslist they are most likely not worthy owners. So getting a dog from Craigslist u can look at as a rescue because you really are rescuing them from unfortunate circumstances..
    I got extremely lucky in finding a 4 month basenji on Craigslist we drove to Philadelphia(not from same person) picked him up and has had no problems at all other then a food allergy. He was checked for Fanconi and we’ve done lots of tests to make sure he was ok with every possibility... even if he was terminally ill I would have rather picked him up and gave him the best years of his life as opposed to leaving him with the people who obviously could not take care of him and therefore posting him and litter mates on Craigslist.

    Always be careful when meeting someone on Craigslist though there’s lots of scams and bad people but there are also lots of real dogs in need of loving homes.

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