Self-imposed diet - a large safety pin !

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That is very helpful and will give me something to work on when I get out of hospital. Hopefully tomorrow but maybe not till Tuesday

Hope it's tomorrow. Hospitals are unpleasant and boring places. Also hope your recovery is proceeding apace. Nice to see you are up to posting. That's a good sign.

@debradownsouth Thia is awesome! Thanks so much! I have been Searching for her for years. Her AKC papers has a photograph and she was so tiny that when I took her home so my Mother and sisters could meet her they had a little Cat Bed called a Kitty Cup and she curled up in there and slept for a few hours. I have researched the History of the Breed and they show up on the Reliefs of the Egyptian Pharoes. They loved the Breed so much that when they died they would kill them and make little mummies out of them. That is where they first show up.

I will check out the article but we have the ancient records from Egypt and it is rather hard to refute that.

Thanks again for the info!

@debradownsouth I read the article and saw the Samoyed and the Akita are included. They did not include the smaller Akita-Inu which has the tail just like the Basenjis. I still think the records we have from Egypt prove the Basenji is the oldest breed. I had an Akita that my ex-husband had to have. and paid $250.00 for him because he was not a good dog for showing because his left ear would not stand up straight!

I adored that Puppy and I was walking him in the snow when I slipped on Ice in the Parking Lot of my Condo and fractured my left leg in 12 places. I had to have reconstructive Surgery. While I was in the Hospital my ex called the Akita Rescue Society and he gave him away without telling me.

He also gave the Pup a most common name which was Max! My late Father adored him and his German Shepherd Mix and his Rottweiler accepted Max immediately. The Baby Lupines, Carnivores all have the same face so that Predictors know they are harmless.

I never forgave him for giving Max away. Max was rescued by an Electrician and went to work with the guy and he sent me some photos and he looked happy. My back is still screwed!

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Hope it's tomorrow. Hospitals are unpleasant and boring places

Tuesday. But I have been for long walks on two sticks abs gave a lovely bright sunlit room with lots of space, andthe nurses are lovely. Not like Marvin had in the State hospital which was terrible. I've paid medical insurance for years so the new hip was done in a private Hospital where the care is super. Paul is looking the Pin Eater and his sister and they are missing Mom badly

@debradownsouth This is not the same Dog. Mine was born on December 23rd 1998. She was the only Dog I ever paid for with the exception of my Ex Husband's Akita. I saw her on December 26 because Christmas was going on. So this is not the same dog! I will write to har and see what she can tell me.

Regarding Great Adventure, I have audio tape of a brutal man who was slaughtering Horses in NJ and he says that he drops off Horses at the Safari Park. I was investigating him with my friend Amanda Sorvino and her Dad is Paul Sorvino of Goodfellas and her older sister Mira won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Mighty Aphrodite.

So yes I have Proof because she also followed him there at 3am so she could see him drop the Horses off. If you like I can put you in touch with her.

Monty J Merola was a brutal man and he died of Lymphoma from eating the meat of the Horses he slaughtered. Horse meat causes Cancer because the Medications are there at the cellular level and they never purge the body. Dr. Ann Marini who is a Neurologist has a detailed study of the use of medications in Horse Meat. Google her.


I can put you in touch with Amanda Sorvino because we were investigating Monty J Merola. I met him several times but never once stepped into the Slaughterhouse. Amanda did and She used my Camera to take photos of a Standardbred Racehorse who was covered with Rain Rot. I called him Rain Rot Boy and I called the American Standardbred Rescue Society to see if they wanted the Horse. They did not care so much for a Breed Rescue Society. He was hanging in the Freezer waiting to be ground up for packing in a Tube. His 'Product' was Grade D Meat and he lost his standing as a supplier to the AZA.

I really want you to speak to Amanda so she can speak to you directly and tell you how she followed him to Great Adventure. She has videotape of the drive from his Plant to Great Adventure. I go to great lengths and expense to shut Slaughter down on the State and Federal Levels and I will continue to do so..

It is a myth that Horses have worse lives without Slaughter. People who send their Equidaies to kill are too cheap to call the Vet. The Racing Industry could be shut down because the Horses and Mules are given Drugs. Drugs interfere with Gambling and that is a RICO violation. The Legal basis for all of this ie there to support this. Breeders are winning more now because they race them only enough to Qualify for the Kentucky Derby. The Breeders and Trainers should be held accountable.

I have a 17-year-old 'Secretariat Great Granddaughter and she is a 'Lifer' with me because they drugged her so much she has a ton of Gastric Ulcers. I paid for a full Body Scan to see why this Horse was not able to gain weight. The Vets said to try the Medication and I did for a few Months but there was no change. She is now treated by diet. She gets all the Timothy Hay she wants, a cube of Alfalfa every morning and some Beet Pulp.

@debradownsouth The best thing about my Secretariat Great Grandaughter is her Sire was an Irish Thoroughbred. I have been to Ireland several times as I have Family there. The Irish breed the best Horses on the Planet. The Limestone in the grass gives them great Bone' They also give them a Pint of Guinness Stout as it was invented by Guinness as a 'Horse Tonic'.

I did not understand that the Basenji you referenced as mine was not! I will get in touch with the other Breeder and email Cathy because I have not seen her since 1999 when I brought Antigone home. I had intended to call her 'Clementine' but it took about two seconds to name her Antigone after the Protagonist in the Greek Play by Sophocles. Antigone would rather die than negotiate. Tand hat was my dog. People never pronounced her name correctly so I called her 'Tiggy' for short. I only called her by her full name when I wanted to take her home from the Horse Farm.

The mystery of the Origins of the Basenji and the Pharoh hound will persist. My money is on the Basenji and I do think it is related to the Wolves. My Dog loved Wolves whereas other Canines clear out because they are afraid of them. My Wolves and my Dog always engaged in 'Mutual Grooming' and that was a sight to see. I have some film of it but cannot bring myself to look at it.

Go to Youtube and search for Asperci1 and that is one of Amanda's many videos.

Thanks for sorting out the Dog because I knew when she was born and I had always wanted a Basenji!

Antigone - send me whatever paperwork you do have and I will do all I can to trace the dog once I am home. There a myriad places to look if one only knows where to start.
Thanks Debra,I shall be glad to be upright again. And mobile but I am getting good on the stairs !

@antigone - Again, please stop hi-jacking others people posts. Start your own as what is being posted has nothing to do with what the original post was about

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