I have noticed that Lillie hiccups alot. It mostly happens when she is sleeping and lasts several seconds. Is this normal? I think I will mention it to the vet the next time I bring her in.

Hiccups are very normal… more so as pups....

As a pup Jazzy hiccupped a lot, as does Keoki now. They seem to outgrow it.
I think it's hilarious/adorable.

One of mine used to get it early in the morning and would last maybe 10 minutes.

My B gets it from time to time. I loke watching him, he's like a child and at that moment it reminds me how human like he is.

I know Damisi hiccups a bit. She was sleeping with me the other morning and I felt hiccup 1, hiccup 2 and the blah! She threw up right in my lap. Good thing I was ready for it!!

I hate when they'd puke in my bed, especially on a work night at 2-3am. If they'd start with that gagging/warning sound I'd jump up and grab them or stick some paper or something under them.

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