I’m not patient!

You did nothing to warrant an attack. Please don't let one person sour you on the board. You got ignored 9 days, others for weeks... I think most were very sympathetic to your situation, commiserating even. Rescue homes should be valued, treated with respect. Reading posts here make me sad and angry. Even if someone wasn't a good fit for a dog I had, I worked with them to find a rescue that did. You asked for nothing unreasonable.

Good luck on finding your next dog. Please do also talk to camp basenji, have more options.

Contact Peggy at Colorado Basenji Rescue. We got our last gurl from her. Maybe you can get a Basenji from them.
They have a couple if cute ones!

@debradownsouth Thank you for the positive support. I’ll stay on here and hopefully someday in the future will post a picture of my new pup! ❤🐕

While I appreciate all the work rescues do, I often wonder if they actually want the dogs to find homes. Rescue people I know are very “I know all and no one is good enough for my breed.” I’ve also noticed that a lot of dogs seem to be adopted whithin ie by volunteers. With a breed less common like basenjis, there aren’t a lot of purebred basenjis out there for people who prefer to adopt! My family has had similar issues trying to adopt but it was with a much more common breed. My mom was told if she wanted one so bad she could foster. Foster, fall in love with dog, dog is taken away. NOT good for my mom!!

I’ll stick to responsible breeders 👍.

I wish you luck on your journey. I’m sorry some people were so rude to you.

Have dealt with many rescues from many breeds. I think breeders and rescues are more like: I want the best home for my dogs... prove to me you are one of them. Shelters and byb/pm are like "you have the money, here you go." Good rescues are a joy to work with. But they aren't all good fits. I hope your mom found one.

She put her search for a golden on hold and now has a beautiful basenji girl. I totally agree with you than not every person is a good fit for the dog and they need to think about the dogs needs first. I just have not had positive experiences with rescuses.

Great news! Curled up next to me right now is my little Basenji girl! I had a very pleasant experience with BRAT and they met me for the transfer this weekend. Once I saw the dog I wanted on their website, the process went very smoothly. On the other hand...still not a peep from the local Basenji rescue.


The woman that runs the "local Basenji rescue" you speak of can be very difficult. She slammed the phone down on me because she hated the breeder (personal issues, not breeder/dog issues) my first dog came from. Some people believe that she is wonderful (she takes in a lot of Basenjis) but then there are those that have had different experiences with her. She does not believe in fostering dogs so any Basenji turned in to her stays with her on her property. Many stay with her forever, either because they have illnesses like Fanconi or behavioral issues.

You should look into the South Coast Basenji Fanciers, the so. cal. breed club. Good place to meet breeders and other friendly Basenji people.


@senjisilly Thank you Lynn. I’ll check into that Basenji group!

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