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Hello, found this forum again after some time away. Looks good and looking forward to some interesting discussion.

As a little background I have had Basenjis for 22 Years, my main interests are showing and judging, and occasionally breed a litter when I am ready for a new addition.....5 litters in 22 years!

I am a member of all three Basenji breed clubs in the UK, I am Breed Health coordinator for Basenjis and take a real interest in health matters.

I am a Kennel Club Member and I am approved to award CC's in Basenjis, with my first CC appointment at Windsor Championship Show this year.

All the Best! :0)

What an impressive history! I am glad you found the forum again. You certainly will provide a great source of knowledge and experiences.

Love to hear your doings.

We went to the Portland, Org dog show and saw a few Basenji.
Stafford Morse
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