• We adopted Jody from an animal shelter almost a year ago. They told us she was between 6 and 8 yrs old.!They said she was Basenji mix. She has straight tail, barks (alot), and weighs about 34 lbs. Every once in a while she makes a rattling sound in her throat. We are planning to do a dna test on her. 0_1516461496190_jo.jpg

  • What a coincidence... the Garner TX animal shelter (?) has a dog that looks like a twin to yours... They originally called her "Tiny" and claimed she was Basenji - they have since changed her name to "Cami". It's almost easy to see why they would think Basenji from the ears and the markings. I can't imagine what the mix really is though... please let us know what the DNA tests reveal. Thanks!

  • Dna test on the way to the lab. will update when I get results

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