• I've got a 3yr female.. and she just HATES the snow. Getting her to do her business at the park has become
    more of a challenge, due to her raising her paws with the pained expression on her face. Eventually, she manages to get going, but has anyone had any good luck with paw boots? I'm guessing she would just try to chew them off......but thought I'd ask.0_1515013795604_Sabupark4a.jpg yes, she's a tank (IMO)

  • Tried booties - never had much luck with them. By the time I'd get the fourth one on, he'd have the first two off !

  • I used Muttluks on my boy for winter walks. I can't say he enjoyed them, but then he didn't get a vote! They did stay on securely and I never allowed him to try to take them off. He would walk strangely when I first put them on, lifting his legs high (If you've ever seen a horse move just after being bandaged for trailering you know what I mean), but he would revert to more normal walking quickly. At my farm he would run off leash through even deep snow without losing his boots, and they protected his feet really well, but you do have to make sure the toes are all the way in and that the velcro closures are secure.

  • @eeeefarm this look promising.. thanks. She's gonna hate them to start.
    p.s. what size do you use...?

  • Gee, I'm not sure and I can't check because I gave away his boots after he died a couple of years ago. They have a size chart that I used when I bought mine. I used these boots on my last two Basenjis, and you are right, she is likely going to hate them, which doesn't mean she can't tolerate them. I was always firm about the boots going on, but lots of praise when they did. Best to get moving and have her on a leash so she isn't tempted to try to get them off! My boy learned to live with the idea, and even when I had a broken ankle and was in a wheelchair he would cooperate and stand on a footstool so I could get his boots on before he went outside, so with the right approach you should be able to make it work.

  • @Kafka45 , I've used booties on several basenjis over the years. My first used to wear them when we took runs in the winter during very cold snaps.

    I love putting them on a dog the first time .. the Lipizzaner effect is great!

    I'd put them on her 5-10 min at at time keeping an eye on her (in case she likes to chew on em) with some distraction if needed. She'll get used to them quick enough. You don't even need to do all 4 at once if she really hate em but she'd get accustomed to them more quickly with all 4.

    I like the fabric with Denier bases the best, I've seen and used the rubber bootie types and personally, it seemed my dogs didn't care for them as much.

    One's I have use a fleece top, Denier base/sole and simple elastic and velcro at top.

    Somewhat like link below but simpler ... had them >15 yrs so I don't see any quite the same. Not advocating those on link, just simply saying I myself don't care for the ones that seem to mimic human shoes ... especially if only used for 15 -20 min at a time.


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