Relocating and looking to re-home our two Basenji's in Texas

  • Houston

    Dear Basenji Owners of Austin, TX or nearby areas:
    My family and I recently relocated from Austin, TX to Los Angeles, CA. We downsized and therefore did not bring our two Basenji's with us (male and female). We have friend watching them for us right now but they cannot keep them much longer. Dragon (the male) and Corazon (female) are amazing pets and companions but we simply cannot care for them in our new home in Los Angeles. Ideally we would like to give them both to one caring and loving owner but if that is not an option then we are open to separating them. We are under a bit of a time crunch so if anyone out there is interested or knows of someone who might be please contact me directly at
    The Patino Family

  • Have you contract their breeder? Responsible breeders normally have contracts that require that the dogs they breed go back to them? Also if not, contact the breeder. If not a responsible breeders contact BRAT ( No comment on the circumstances for giving up these dogs....

  • Contact their breeder and BRAT

  • How old are these dogs? I don't understand "downsizing" equaling placing the dogs. 😞 However, BRAT is an option if you can't find someone on your own. Are they Fanconi tested? How old? Are they spayed/neutered? And as Pat said, contacting the breeder is critical if a responsible breeder.

  • Pleases contact BRAT, Basenji Rescue and Transport and they will help!! On the BRAT website there is a "contact" button at the top of the page to click on and a form for Rehoming Your Basenjis....... please fill that out and they will do everything they can to find a foster and forever home for the basenjis.

  • @lpatinoatx I'd be willing to take in your dogs! I messaged you and emailed you, please let me know if we can arrange something or not.

  • We are in San Antonio and are looking for one or two Basenjis. We had our previous two Basenjis for 16 years. They were two girls and half sisters. What are their ages? Do they get along with indoor cats.

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