Meet our 14 week old Panda, we've had her for about a month now. These are some pics from last few weeks, all at different times.


0_1490269729223_1st.JPG 0_1490269733524_myeye.JPG 0_1490269740499_PandaMax.JPG 0_1490269771990_sleep.JPG 0_1490269799183_zzz.JPG

She is too cute!! How is training going? What is her personality like? I can't resist those soulful eyes 🙂

@12olo - What a cutie... welcome. Who is her sire/dam? Many of us are related by our Basenjis

@dogelover Training is going a lot better than expected. (all thanks to the breeder) Shes a quick learner, loves being with the family, can turn from a couch potato to an Olympic sprinter within seconds! She loves to bite HARD but understands the difference from playtime to relaxing time and has learned which people in the family she can and cant play with (biting, rough play, etc...)

Thanks for the reply!

@tanza Hi, thanks for your reply! We're in Canada and we got her from Bushwacker Basenji's up here, she's been a great help

@12olo - Great Breeder... and Panda might be related to my C-Me since some of Chris's breeding is with Klassic Basenjis. What are the names of Panda's Sire and Dam

Chris is a great breeder and a really nice person! Congrats on your new baby!

Oh gosh Panda is certainly settled in and at home. What a darling face and expression. Love the black and whites! Thank you for sharing pics. Look forward to watching her grow!

Adorable! I had a B/W boy once upon a time.

@tanza Her parents are Freddie and Yoko

LOVE the nose freckles.. that's what I like to call them!! So adorable!

@12olo said in Panda!:

@tanza Her parents are Freddie and Yoko

She and my C-Me's pups from 2012 are related

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