Here is my new pride and joy 8 weeks tomorrow. Working great on lead training and outside potty training... still wants to nip but trying to help coach her not to. But great markings and temperament,

Very cute! Mine is 9 weeks and nipping EVERYTHING! She is learning but I am definitely having to pray for patience! Good Luck!

Mine already has the tell tell of a double loop for tail... I am so glad I got her. I would love to do a lineage on her my grandma basenji came from Ch. Congo's Moja of Cambria, and Ch. Cambria's Taboos which is really good stock... I am hoping that mine is tied to my grandmother's since they are near the same area

@drew82 Who are her sire and dam? There is a pedigree site that you can look up her pedigree. Surprised that her breeder didn't give you a pedigree on her? Hopefully health testing was done on the sire and dam and recorded on www.offa.org

Her sire is tatter tot
Her dam is jasperrete

Both registered through akc I was just wanting to go back as far as possible I just haven't done it yet.


The dog had testing for OFA for Fanconi, and is clear.
Her brother is a carrier:


No testing for Tater Tot... which should concern you since if they tested one, why didn't they test him?

Checked further, and neither Jasperrete's sire or dam have any OFA records.

Your puppy is cute as can be. I hope you stay around, share pics, and learn more. Basically you have purchased a backyard breeder or puppymill dog. Until you learn more, you don't know. Hopefully you'll stay and learn why that's not only not good for you because you have no health/genetic information about what is in your puppy's background, but you also have helped by putting money into the hands of an irresponsible breeder. At least, with one clear parent, you can be assured your puppy will not develop Fanconi since both parents have to have the genes to have puppies that are affected.

A good place to start is reading up on basenji health issues:


![0_1486855483779_2.JPG](/uploads/files/1486855475995-20_1486856031670_2.JPG 0_1486856046363_Jasperrette dam.JPG

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It didn't seem puppy mill only had one sire and to one dam and a litter of 10. I haven't register her yet but I do have the papers that came with her for akc and the vet. I was going to pay to do a background pedigree on her but I was hoping to be able to do it myself. But thank you Debra

@drew82 Very cute pup... however from a responsible this pup would not go to a new home until at least 10wks... and in many states to place a pup under 8wks is not legal. This is a BYB breeder, not a responsible breeder... nice to know however that one of the sire/dam's have been cleared at least for Fanconi.... one of the reasons you have having problems with mouthing.. is that this pup and the rest were removed from the litter way too soon for our breed.... so you need to take that into account... and remember that physical punishing in our breed do not work... it works to your disadvantage. Lucky however that DNA was done on at least one... and if clear, you should be OK for Fanconi.

@drew82 Go to http://www.pedigrees.zandebasenjis.com/search.html and put in the sire and dam... you can find the pedigrees...

Beautiful puppy! I have always loved the bundles. Enjoy your new family member!

Wanting to post updated pics... but cant😔

@drew82 Make sure they are in jpg format and use the last icon with arrow up

Here she is at 12 weeks old 6lbs...


She looks wonderful! Very cute pup and I can see personality shining through those eyes.

@drew82 said in Jasmine:

Here she is at 12 weeks old 6lbs...

12 weeks? 6 lbs? Are you sure, 6lbs? What is her breeding, many of us are related by our Basenjis pedigrees

Yes I am sure on her age and weight. She was born December. 17th and took her to the vet on March 2nd and she weighed in at 6lbs so she might be a little more now. Already micro-chiped. And utd on all shots

@drew82 said in Jasmine:

Yes I am sure on her age and weight. She was born December. 17th and took her to the vet on March 2nd and she weighed in at 6lbs so she might be a little more now. Already micro-chiped. And utd on all shots

Thanks, she is to the small side, but very cute....

I think she just didn't pose very well so the angle is bad if I can figure out how to upload a video you will get to see her a lot better including her coat... it looks darker in the pic than in others...

She is darling! Where did you get her from?

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