How much should my 8week old puppy weigh

  • Hello I am just wondering how much my 8 week old basenji puppy should weigh. I think she is a little small for her age but it could just be her genes. She has a nice size belly and isn't showing ribs but I cant find anything about weight on the internet and thought that maybe some of you could help! Thanks so much!

  • It really varies. I'd look more toward weight gain, if ribs aren't showing, etc. A puppy, unlike an adult, should carry a little weight. Once they hit around 6 to 8 mos, I like to be able to almost see the ribs in the back .. or a waist if you will and tuck up. You should ask the breeder how much the other puppies weigh, and also the size of parents etc so you get an idea what to expect once grown.

    That said, I'd expect most 8 week old puppies to be between 6.5 to 8.5 pounds.

  • Thank you so much DebraDownSouth ! We had our first vet appointment this morning and got told she was 'Perfect' from the check up! 🙂 oh and lots of puppy cuddles!

  • Okay so... you know we have to have frequent pictures! 🙂 <hint ... okay so not really much of a hint> 🙂

  • Lol trying to figure hout how to do that at the moment! I think my photos may be too large 😞

  • Hm... if you click that last icon with up arrow, they should load. If not, if you don't know how to resize, let me know and you can send to me and I'll resize and send back to you

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