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    I see that I have a -1 Reputation. I assume it is because I posted a Craigslist link about a basenji that needed a home. The basenji was not mine, I just saw the ad and thought I would try to help find a good home for the dog. I looked back over the rules and I guess this was an infraction? Didn't realize it at the time. How can I improve my "reputation"?


  • I am looking for the negative post... but am thumb's upping your others. I'm pretty critical of irresponsible pet breeders and irresponsible owners. But I personally only give a down thumb for spammers. Your posts have all been fine. I gave them thumbs up so you aren't negative. I am not sure that the new thumbs up and down is helpful. I, and I think many, tend to respond to posts the same as "likes" on facebook... primarily just acknowledging you have read a post of someone you know and not so much that posts ignored aren't good.

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