• Was wondering if anyone else's basenji has or had this before. My boy has been having some coughing and choking problems. He also wheezes when he runs around allot. Not sure if he has allergy's to something or what. I have had him to the vet, they think he might have a bronchial allergy. They are not sure. They took some x-ray's last year and took some more today to see if anything has changed, Haven't heard anything back yet, the vet said they may have a radiologist look at them. Any suggestions to help him would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Has this been continuous since last year or is it a recurrence of last year's problem? If the latter, and its the same time of year, I would be guessing allergies.

  • Thank you. Sounds like he has allergies and a bronchial problem. They are suggesting antibiotics or stariods. Not sure which one to go with at this moment. Will have to get more info on both,

  • Really glad it is something fixable. Sometimes dogs with heart failure or cancer do that, but as he had this before, sounded like recurrence. I would ask why the different drugs... if bacterial, he needs antibiotics to clear it up. Steroids can help with allergic reaction/inflammation, but won't do squat for infection. Are they suggesting one and then the other if first doesn't work? Good luck!

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