• I have a french bulldog who is almost 3 years now, and my parents have a basenji girl named Yuna that's a little over 1 year old. We live in the same area, so we spend a lot of time together with both dogs, and we help each other out for vacations and sickness, things like that. I consider Yuna to be my little girl, just as much as she is theirs.

    Now I'm not very interesting, but Yuna sure is! Where to start? I'm sure many of you have seen the 16 basenji puppies video that's been going around the internet. Yuna is one of them, from a litter of 4. I have to start by saying how lucky we were to get a pup from such a good breeder! I've never owned a basenji before, but it was clear from the start that she's had a great start in life. I have never seen a more confident puppy before, and even though there are no children in my family, it's obvious that she has had a great experience with kids.

    I joined this forum because it's clear that basenjis are very different from most other dogs, and I see that Yuna has some traits that are the complete opposite of what I'd expect from any dog.


  • Welcome, glad to have you as a part of our community!

  • Hi and welcome! What a cutie and yep, I've seen the video.

  • Thank you!

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