Russian Government paying to kill dogs

Just read an article today that the Russian government has hired a company to poison stray dogs before the Olympics…apparently Russia has a large stray population and feel these dogs will be a threat to the games and are therefore actively poisoning them, and calling them "nothing more than biological trash" breaks my heart to see these pictures and the thought of these poor dogs; who through no fault of their own are homeless and now dying an awful death.

Very sad what happens in these countries that decide to hold the Olympics and then only decide to do a quick fix with their problems be it stray dogs or homeless people and then such a horrible way to die by poison, don't they realise the world is watching ohh that's right the world watches as these horrible things happen, always makes me feel so helpless as it breaks my heart too.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Ah, Russia…winning the hearts of citizens all over the globe. Their motto is 'if you're too small to have a voice, you don't legally have one'. Their policies know no limits of inhumanity.

I think one of the sickest things I've heard was when Putin cut off child adoptions to the U.S. as a political snub...but was swayed to open up the disabled adoption pool "because Westerners were the only ones willing to adopt them." At least kids with birth defects were able to get the help they needed, because Russia considered them too inferior and costly to hold onto. Birth defects primarily caused by the alcohol and drug abuse that isn't remotely being addressed.

That country is like one giant Florida.

Sorry about Team Russia for me, thanks. Not going to support them by watching the Olympics this year.

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