• :eek: :eek: My husband was driving down I-75 yesterday and a truck with a trailer carring small ponies, calves and one dog was passing by and our B, Jojo, was in the back seat and started to whine like she normally does when she sees another dog. Then she jumped on my husband's left shoulder and made this very "high" pitched and LOUD, long whistle or howl.:eek: She startled my husband as he had never heard this before from our little 20 poundier. I have yet to hear this. Jojo is our first B and we are wondering what exactly is this and why did she do it, is she excited (she has been excited before) or what? When she made this sound the pony that the dog was standing on bucked and the driver of the trucker was looking back in his mirror and started to slow down. Jojo then proceeded to try and get out of my husband's open window. Luckily the window was only down a few inches as he had the A/C on. Here he is with Jojo's sound in his ear and her on his left shoulder and trying to get out of the window on the interstate.😕 You gotta love this breed!!!

  • Yes you do. They are amazing. Everyday I find a new reason to love my B and also to mumble unwoman like things, like when his tazmanian devil decides to show itself. But I must admit this is an incredible breed to have especially with all the different noises that come out of them. They can't bark but I do think because of this fact they are able to express themselves even more freely. Welcome to our wonderful world of Basenji admiration.

  • hdterry…what u have experienced is for sure an official BAROOOOOOO 🙂 lol lots of Bs do this when they're excited or when they play or in protest. Sometimes they can do it on command if you try it & then they'll mimick you 😃

    My dog whines too when he sees another dog but I thought this was just him getting anxious & fearful.

  • hdterry, Dash only does it intermittantly as well. It always surprises us when he does but it gives us a giggle.

  • I think it is the same sound. He opens his mouth as if he is going to yawn and this sound comes out….. I keep his kennel covered when he is sleeping and that is usually the first indication that he is awake. I've heard that they don't bark. Achilles does his fair share of barking.

    Well I guess I better go and do something to get his little rambunctious butt doing something other than terrorizing Rosie....

  • Abby was singing the other night it was the most beautiful thing I ever heard. We live in a small town where we still have a volunteer fire dept. The siren went off and we were outside. The siren goes off every day at noon and I never heard her do that. My other dog usually barks when it goes off but she was singing too.

  • That's cute, my Basenjis could not care less about sirens… and the fire station is about 2 blocks... of course they could not care less about fireworks either... or earthquakes for that matter...gggg

  • Singing??? I have never heard Jojo sing. She woowoo's alot and boy does she ever whine but I would like to hear her sing…can all Bs do it I wonder?

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