Does your Basenji punch?

Khalani my Basenji has an awesome right cross and his jabs aren't bad either.
I am trying to get him to stop nibbling me at the moment and I usually put my hand around his muzzle and tell him NO!
He then proceeds to swipe his paws and on more than one occasion has caught me with a couple of jabs and a right cross . It is amazing how accurate he is.
Does anyone else's B do that to them?

First Basenji's

Dolce gets super excited to see me and i dont mind her putting her paws on me. If i kneel down or we go by the bed she puts her paws on my chest and sometimes jabs me in the eye or trys to paw my face to place.. then we have a calm convo on how thats not allowed and since I'm no longer excited she chills out and cuts it out.

Maca punch me in the eyes while i was taking a cab with her on my arms, and send to the neverland one of my glasses hahaha
sure the glasses tech cant understand who the glass can fly and give me a discount on new ones lol

My boy does it only when we do something silly with something and he wants a closer look.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Phew, it's not only me then….lol

LOL all 3 of mine had a pretty hard jab. 🙂

First Basenji's

Yes!! Bowpi loves to "box" when she gets excited. But she doesn't have much follow-through. It's adorable. I'm not quite sure what she's thinking. I take it as an expression of her excitement and desire to be involved. She usually starts boxing when our Shiba tries to roughhouse with her, or when the Shiba is roughhousing with other humans – and she inserts herself into the mix.

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