Leaky gut

Hi everyone,
Kaiser and I have been working on a suspected allergy for awhile now, thought to be a contact allergy which really seemed to be grass.
Due to his skin getting sooo much worse back to holistic vet to get to the bottom of it. No dog park for a month. Trialled a few medications and ended up with Gastriplex one tablet twice a day, cut his raw food done to rabbit mix which contains heart and tripe for two weeks with freeze dried tripe and venison as treats, just started giving turkey necks and he will now stay on this for 6 weeks. Boy this has been hard for me as I have tried hard to give him a variety of raw and found it hard to give him so little. Big thing I did was no sprays fly, air freshener etc, bought a steam mop for floor and carpet as I would use a carpet freshener now and then, bought him cotton throws to sleep on and what I reckon was the thing that has helped him most is changed from Persil to a natural eco friendly no fragrance plant based washing liquid, saw results within a couple of days. So Leaky Gut leads to weakened resistance to toxins and how did it happen? well stupid me took Kaiser to my regular Vet for a cut on his paw( had a bad experience with my cat with a paw cut so wanted to be on top of this one) at about 6 or 7 months old and he was given antibiotics, then at 8 months he went in for his neuter/hernia repair so he would have been topped up with more antibiotics, giving him his road to gut flora imbalance and sensitivity. Also think that he started off with a sensitive tummy dealing with fatty foods. We have been back to the dog park and no problem with the grass, that makes me very happy as he loves it there. His skin is still sensitive but not inflamed it is still stained from his licking but am seeing parts that are turning a normal colour. So after 6 weeks I get to introduce another protein for a week and then another, slow and steady we go. Hope this helps some people dealing with allergies to realise an unhealthy gut can also lead to allergies that wouldn't usually happen if their pets gut is working properly and avoid antibiotics when you can and supplement with good gut bacteria if used. Hope this wasn't too boring and lot's of people already know this info, but this is our experience and we wanted to share.

Jolanda and Kaiser.

Jolanda, so sorry to hear of all the troubles you're having. It really is overwhelming to have to pick apart everything in your home and in his life..I myself have had hurdles and challenges the last three months and I have empathy for your situation. I hope that all goes well and you can manage his allergies in a way he can still enjoy the park and you can get him a good balance of food. Best of luck, keep us in the loop!

Thanks Chealsie508, compared to your troubles I have nothing to complain about. I just really felt helpless with Kaiser and things always move so slowly, no quick fixes with our boys.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Struggles are struggles and sometimes when you try something and that's not the fix, and so you keep going down the list it's tiresome by the time you get to plan O.. You feel likes there is nothing you can do to comfort them, you feel trapped in a losing situation and you wonder "will it ever be normal or easy again?!"… I think you will get there, eventually the issue will be exposed. I am a firm proponent that antibiotics or even medications/vaccinations can and do cause problems; but hindsight is 20/20. In your situation you did what you had to in order to avoid inflection. It having been his paw, I would've done the same thing..that's an area that is easily exposed to the elements and bacteria. It sounds like you're on the right track. Hope I get to read good news in a few weeks!

I'm so sorry to hear about Kaiser's problems. Poor boy– I didn't realize he was having allergies and hope he's better soon! Ava is having some of the same issues as Kaiser and Oakley. She's better on grain-free food, but not symptom-free, so I'm still searching for the solution. I just bought the latest food-- Wellness Simple-- today. I'll transition that in, and we'll see.

Kaiser's issues stemming from antibiotics may apply to us as well. Ava was on antibiotics for chronic UTIs, so I wonder if that played a role. I, too, have changed almost everything in my house to non-allergenic versions. I don't even wear perfume or scented lotion, anymore! It's so hard when they have these sorts of issues and intolerances that aren't readily diagnosed or fixed, especially when it's an endless loop of issue after issue...

Funny thing is my son also seems to not do well on antibiotics, recently had to have some and I had meant to put him on Inner Health Plus and forgot so ended up spending more on Doc bills with a yeast infection in the weirdest place plus the usual foot area, so we have at last learnt if he needs them to supplement and the same will be done with Kaiser in the future, really feel we are on the right track with Kaiser but think it will be slow and I know he will have setbacks just relieved I see some improvement and I know Oakley and Ava will get there as they have strong and determined owners and it's good to know we are not alone dealing with these problems. All the best.

Jolanda and Kaiser

I am sorry for how hard this has been… but grateful you pup has you to do what needs to be done.

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