Plz help- will pee in his crate when locked!

i just recently got my B, and the first night i had him,
i locked him up into his crate, said goodnite and went to sleep,
10 minutes later, i come into the room and find him in his own pee and poo,
with his paws between the wires of the carte!!!:eek:

any suggestions on good behavior for this???

thank you!!:)

When you have a new puppy, there is an adjustment period… first, I keep their crates in my bedroom so that if a pup needs to go out, I am able to hear them and get them up and out... Also, did you make sure that he pottied first? Had he ever been in a crate?... They don't just take to coming into a new home and then being locked in a crate without some "crate training"....

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