• @wrx227wrc:

    Yes, we have been separating the vaccines and I just bought some without lepto online, for the last two doses. This is my third basenji and they have always been sensitive to the rabies vaccine no matter what, so I know what to expect with that. She has gotten better as far as the glands go, but still seems to be breathing harshly.

    I am a little confused. In your post about your puppy's strangles you said she had recieved a combo vaccine and a rabies shot the week before. How old is your puppy? How many shots has she recieved? What were they?

    I vaccinate my pups at 8 weeks, 11 weeks, and 14 weeks and optimally wait 4 weeks before giving rabies so that would be at 18 weeks. That is it until the 1 year boosters.

  • And have you talked to your puppy's breeder? I don't remember if or where you said that you got her from… this would be the first action that I would take... and if me... I have to say breathing harshly would concern me... does she do it all the time or just after playing hard?... And like Ivoss, I am a little confused about what shots she has had and when.... Rabies is usually the last in the puppy series and usually done alone...

  • I do not supplement mine, I have in the past tried different things, but never really saw a difference… at least not for my young dogs. The only thing that I usually use is the 3V Caps that that my Vet recommended for my one girl with ligament tears from coursing in her foot and it did help, even though it is a Skin Formula of Fish oil, Vit A,D and E... So, I do use it on all of mine... because we do (did) course lots and now that they are 15+, seems to help the joints.. Flint River is a good quality food.... so I would not wonder really if there is something else going on... Certainly if it continues much longer I would seek a 2nd opinion...

  • Yeh I don't think we are going to give it to the dogs, not worth the risk. thanks for the advice.

  • Let us know if you find out anything…. I would still think about a second opinion....

  • Well I researched the whole xango thing more…
    I think that because raspberries and other similar fruits have xylitol, which is what is hazardous to dogs, it is possible that the juice would also have it. So in my admittedly non-expert opinion we decided that especially long term use could possibly be poisonous.

  • So what ever happened with the Strangles thing? Anything?

  • I never treated her for it and she never had symptoms. Funny how that worked. Scary much of a crock some vets can be.
    I think it was just a vaccine reaction, not to mention how heavily she started teething in the next coupld of weeks. She is doing so well now…though she seems to be biting her feet these days. Ever had that problem?

  • Watch the feet biting as a sign of food allergies… that is one of the things my Kristii did before we discovered the allergy to corn....

  • Yeh that is what I thought. How did you get her to stop doing it?

  • Well, if a food allergy you have to figure out what is causing the food and then stop feeding it… We had to find food with no corn, which is one of the biggest causes of allergies along with Wheat... They will not stop and it will only get worse until you find the cause and eliminate it

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