Hi my 18 month old Basenji girl, Kobi, has been diagnosed with malabsortion or immunoproliferative enteropothy. I guess it is prevelant in several breeds and Basenjis are one of them unfortunately. Does anyone have a Basenji with this intestinal problem? The vet is got her on a special
diet which seems to be working. I just didn't know if this could shorten her lifespan. Hopefully we can control it with diet and dont have to
resort to steroids because I know from experience those will shorten her life. Very sad. Kobi is the Basenji that everyone commented on
because she kisses like no one has ever heard of before. lol She will pin us down and kiss on us forever if we let her. Very open with her
emotions and affection. She is my first Basenji and I have never had a dog like her before. I wish I had gotten a Basenji years ago instead
of listening to non Basenji people who warned me off of them. Glad I did my own research and talked to 6 breeders because I couldnt
get the yearning out of me that kept drawing me back to wanting to get one of these awesome dogs. So I took the leap struggled through
the new Basenji owner struggles asked tons of questions got great advice from her breeder and tons of other breeders and have never
looked back, and have never lost my heart to a dog as I have with her. So any advice and maybe good experiences from owners that have
struggled with this disease would be welcome. Thanks

So Sorry to hear, also it is called ISPID. I assume that you have advised her breeder? We really don't hear about ISPID that much these days, so I don't know anyone with an afflicted Basenji off hand. Here is a link to the Basenji Club of America with some more information about ISPID. Did they do a biospy to get a diagnnosis?


I am sorry about your dog. Hopefully Pat's info will help you find the right treatment and help. Unless your vet is very familiar, you might want to print out the information from that link and have them contact a specialist

Dr. Michael D. Willard of Texas A&M, an internationally recognized enterologist, is available for consultations by phone with vets needing more information on the disease. He asks that everyone understand that he often travels and holds clinics so at times he will be out of the office. He can be reached at 979-845-2351, e-mail address mwillard@cvm.tamu.edu.<<<

Update on Kobi. She underwent surgery Saturday night. Having 5 biospies of intestine and stomach sent to Michigan
State Veterinary University today. ISPID is being checked however it look more like Duodonums disease. Her Duodonum
is quite thickened and is not emptying out her stomach which is why she is regurgirating her food immedietely after
swallowing. Where with ISPID it sits in the intestine and usually does not come up right away but later after going through
the Duodonum. Her food is not making it through even into the intestines. She is on a medication to break down and
empty her stomach and antibiotics to reduce the inflammation in the Duodonum. She is now keeping down all her food
for 2 days now. It will take a week to get the final diagnosis back. Will let everyone know how she is doing.

Deb that specialist you referred would only talk to another dr. He said to have my dr. call him if they have any
questions. So if they cant get a conclusion on this they will give him a call. But sounds like we may have found
the problem hopefully. With 5 biopsies I should think we will get an answer.

Oh gosh, sending the best of hope that they found the problem and can keep her in good shape.

Praying it is something you can treat and NOT IPSID/malabsorbtion, HORRIBLE disease! We lost one to it years ago. We had another with IBD; it was treatable and she lived to 15 1/2 years old. Although the vets said she would need to be on a special diet for the rest of her life, she went to college with our daughter, and was eating Purina One, not a prescription diet for many, many years.

Thanks everyone. Yes I know without even getting results she will be on a special diet probably forever. She
has been eating all day today, so the medicine is working and I gotta think it is this stomch disease vs the
iontestinal one. Either one I feel bad for her. But it is what it is, we will make sure she gets the best of care.
She is our baby, and she is being so sweet through this while ordeal. It is funny our young Whippet puppy
seems to know she is sick and is being so quiet and careful around her. Animals are amazing with each

It's awful when they are sick or something's wrong….keeping my fingers crossed the biopsies come back as the bet possible outcome..something controllable and with good expectation for quality of life...Oakleys BFF down the street is a schnauzer and he too sniffs Oakleys belly where his stitches are but does so very gently and seems to treat Oakley with extra care..it's endearing to see how nomals know how to deal with each other with no help from us!

Well bad news Kobi does have inflammatory bowel disease. However we are catching it early, she is responding good to her hypoallegenic food. In great spirits and we ard going to do diet first to see if we can avoid steroids. Vet says to expect good quality of life for her and it is very controllable. We are just happy she is going to be okay and whatever happens down the road, we are going to continue to shower her with
lots of love and even knowing that she has this, I still am happy we got her and would not have given up hving her for the world. Breeder is
no longer going to breed dad and mom is retired from breeding. No other calls have come in with any of mom and dad's other litters. Mom
and dad have never shown any health issues. My vet says it can justbe a freak thing. Alot of different breeds besides the Basenji get this.
Just a few are Boxers, Shephards etc. And he says he can have 50 Boxers s an example and 1 might get it. It is an allergy based disease that effects the
internal organs unfortunately. But thanks for all the good thoughts. Happy to be able to talk to Basenji people about it.

I'm so sorry to hear about Kobi. My family has had three special needs dogs and once you get in the routine of special food and meds, it quickly becomes your new normal. They're so adaptable to circumstances. Wishing Kobi good luck with her new food. Sounds like she is getting excellent care and has a very loving family, so I'm sure she'll do great!

Thanks. She is our first Basenji and she has been a joy, even with all this.

I'm gla you have the answer and the doctor feel the prognosis is good and quality of life can be maintained. I'm sure once you get into he routine things will get easier- when they have issues it makes you cherish them more…best of luck to you guys!! Keep us updated on the progress or hurdles..great to have the info on the forum for people to see

Darn, sorry about the dx but glad early and on top of it.

Yes IBD is in many breeds, different then IPSID, so while sorry for the news, better then it could have been.

Oh good I thought they were the same. So this IBD is not as bad?

There are different degrees, did the Vet say it was IPSID from the biopsy? IPSID is a form of IBD

Well update on Kobi. Good news it is not IPSID confirmed with the vet. And actually Michigan State termed her as mild IBD.
However she was doing good on prescription food for a week and than started throwing up last night. So she is now on meds
and prescription food unfortunately. Flagyl and Predinisone. They are going to wean the Pred and see if she can just maintain
on Flagyl. We are all hoping she can. Predinosone is horrible. I had a Whippet who had to be on it most of his life until the
Pred put him into kidney failure at 9 years old. Keep fingers crossed. She is the only Basenji they have at my vet and you would
think she was a movie star the way they treat her. lol She eats it up. Even gave up a few kisses to them last night.

I assume that the Vet has for sure ruled out EPI?

From the Basenji Club of America website
Pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) can be confused with IPSID, but the treatment is very different. EPI should be ruled out before a diagnosis of IPSID is made. If your dog is diagnosed with pancreatic insufficiency, or if you have questions about the disorder, information is online at http://www.epi4dogs .com/

Update on Kobi. She is doing great om her hypoallergenic diet. Vet has weaned her off steroids and weaning her down to the lowest dose of Flagyl she can handle. 3 weeks and going strong. Has gained back her lost pound and a half. Bouncy happy and no vomiting. Keep fingers
crossed. Again she tested very mild IBD so we are hoping she can live a long and healthy life on the diet and minimal meds. Thanks for
everyones support.

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