• Hello everyone.
    I'm new to Basenji's, though I've bred and shown dogs and cats for the last 40 years. I live on a farm in rural Queensland, Australia. My husband of 41 years and I sold out business and moved back to a lucerne (alfalfa) farm to "retire" two years ago. For the past 10 years I've bred and kept Mini Foxie dogs which are very much like Tenterfield Terriers. We have kept them because they are great little farm dogs good mouse and rat killers. They are good with children, and help us find snakes on the farm. I lost my oldest Mimi Foxie "Poppy" aged nine to a eastern brown snake 2 months ago, which broke my heart. I have three other females mini's and a male.
    So I decided to get myself a basenji pup (Zuri), to fill the gap left by Poppy. I learnt very quickly that Basenji's are harder to train, and are a lot different to the Mini's. They all get on remarkably well and having a farm (170 acres) with lots space is just the place to have a group of little hunters.
    I have Zuri inside with me until I go and do my chores and after feeding and letting the chickens out, Zuri is kept in the house yard until the afternoon when I shut them in again. I intend to show Zuri next year although I have had a slight stroke which has affected my balance and have to use a walking stick. I have a keen granddaughter who will do the showing for me. I'm glad to have found the forum

  • Hi, and welcome to the Forum, furlady and Zuri. Sorry but I had to laugh at your remark about training. Unless you can make Zuri believe that it is her idea training will frustrate you. Once upon a time B's were known as Congo Terriers, but there isn't one bit of terrier mentality in B's. Just love her to death, spoil her rotten and she will do anything you ask of her.

  • Welcome, what lucky dogs you have to have all that space and mice and rats to hunt, what fun they must have following their natural hunting instinct. Enjoy the forum.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Welcome, basenjis are not cats & you teach a basenji not train.
    Sounds like you are starting to understand. Welcome

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