Foxxy the Mix!

Hi everyone! This is Foxxy (short for Starfox) the Basenji/Beagle mix that my boyfriend and I just brought home from the SPCA yesterday! So far she's already housetrained and knows sit, lay down, off, and leave it. She's very calm and quiet, and extremely friendly both to people and dogs. She was at the Vet's this morning and took all of that with only mild anxiety, though she threw a whiny squirmy fit when she had to be restrained to take a little blood. As of right now her favorite toy is a rubber ball with a jingle bell inside, and she will actually play catch by herself. Foxxy will flip her head up and toss the ball a foot or two in the air, then catch it on the bounce off the floor. It's adorable. She does currently have a bad habit of pulling on the leash, she is like a beagle that she wants to just run around and smell smell smell. But we're working on it and she already does much better at heeling while on concrete or asphalt, though grass is much more of a challenge for her.

She is really cute, but I'd never have guess basenji mix. 🙂

Very nice face markings, what basenji traits does she have? Basenji/Beagle mix both hunting dogs so you have your work cut out with the smelling everywhere.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Admittedly she does look more like a Basenji from some angles than others 😛

Physically she's got the little cat feet and her tail has some curl to it, though it's not as tightly curled as a purebreds, and she has the white tip on her tail. Her eyes are quite almond shaped, though it's hidden a little by the "eyeliner" she has from the beagle side. She has dewclaws and the joined 2nd and 3rd toes. She is able to bark normally, though she very rarely does this–mostly she communicates to us through sneezes, scoffs, grumbles, and whines. I think barking takes some effort for her, because she only does it if she sees something she thinks is super important. Last night when she wanted to go greet a dog who was outside the car she let out a few yodels and some noises that I can only describe as somewhat like a cat yowl at us. Thankfully she does not so far seem to be able to make any of the typical beagle noises--I'd rather have singing than baying.

Foxxy absolutely hates the cold and wet weather we suddenly started having--she would rather "hold it" for a ridiculously long time than go out and get damp. This is the first dog I have ever had to buy a sweater for, but she downright shivers. She grooms like a cat, and she's incredibly smart, though of course she sometimes gives us the look of "Yeah, I know what you want, but I'm not doing it".

I have only seen the B500 once, but that's probably because she has a bit of an upper respiratory infection right now, and isn't feeling her best. She has antibiotics though, so she should be feeling better by the end of the week.

Oh, I just remembered, she also does the thing where she'll stand up on her hind legs and just... stand there, or walk around a bit. I forgot since she's not done it for a few days with not feeling well. It's the funniest thing to me, I've always had dogs who were way too big and front-heavy to have done that even if they wanted to, but Foxxy has decided that there is no counter in the house she can't stand up to see if there's anything good left out. When we first got her my boyfriend left out half a baked potato with sour cream on the counter. She was in and out of the kitchen totally unsupervised all evening and could have grabbed it at any time, but the stinker was smart enough to not go for it until we left to run a quick errand to get that potato for uninterrupted eating.

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