Uzie turns 4!
First Basenji's

I know it is special to me, but that is why I am posting this on 'show off your dog'… I found him on this forum when he was about 18months old. He has come so far from not being afraid of strangers, being bold with new dog friends (in fact, with my day care, I can put him in with almost any dog and size and he exhibits the best canine manners intro I have ever seen. It is just if and when the other dog is smaller that he goes into prey drive and I have to intervene!!!!such a brut....) so here are some profile pics of him on his birthday 11-1 the first two are him at 4 and the rest is his history with me. Oh, by the way, he has been on a raw diet (some commercial frozen and some from supermarket) for one month now and he does not scratch as much and I do see a better coat forming; he almost seems calmer-except at dinner time!!!! Not a 100% raw as he gets a third cup of his kibble in the am feed. I have to just because he likes the little ball treat dispenser in the am (me too....) and why not?


Happy 4th Birthday Uzie, may you have many more. Good on you for trying raw, it's not that easy and can be expensive but can make a difference if your dog has problems.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Happy Birthday, Uzie! Nice pics and love your shiny coat!

I'm late to the party, but I hope Uzie had a Happy BarooDay!

First Basenji's

Thanks, yes he did!!!! got a whole new set of toys and shared some treats with the daycare gang!

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