Did I make a good switch - Pet Cueran to Blue Buffalo

  • I just recently switched my girls food from Pet Curean Now Fresh sm.breed to BLUE Buffalo Wilderness Salmon adult dog. was this a good switch for my girl ,or should I return the bag and get the Sm.breed wilderness option
    Or the "small bites" BLUE Wilderness chicken recipe.
    She eats it now but we've gone from 3 cups to 2 only , could this be due to the kibble size ?
    also I was feeding her more before to up her weight a bit , she's at a hefty 18lbs now ! 5 more to go!!

  • I feed based on the calorie count of each food, there is great variability! Anywhere from 350 to 600 calories per cup. A 'better' quality food often requires less volume as it is nutrient-dense. It may not be on the bag, you may have to go to the website and search for that info. I found several charts for recommended calories per day for dogs and I use that as a guide. All mine are on the 'normal to weight loss, older, low activity' scale so they don't get much to eat!

    We switched to Fromms last year and all 3 of mine are doing well on it, but I think BB Wilderness is a good quality food as well.

  • Mine didn't like FROMM so much if you can believe it ! And she only gets about 1 and 1/3 cup a day now

  • mine get a cup a day of Fromm, was feeding taste of the wild previously. Blue Buffalo gave mine loose stools, but never tried the salmon as none of mine will eat fish versions of any food, it has to be chicken

  • Mine get Fromm as well, but only 1/2 a cup. I do mix it up with other grain free, so they are always on different brands of dry food. I never have to worry about switching foods as they are used to changes.

  • Ive been reading reviews and the vet did tell me that she looks great 🙂 coat and condition and she only weighs 7.9kg , shouldn't basenjis be more like 10kg for females? Or is it due to her age that she's not at that weight yet, she was born in January last year 🙂

  • i use blue buffalo basic grain free on both of my boys. no issues. used to feed the taste of the wild (until that recall they had years ago)

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